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We presented UVElite RES at the seminar “Prolong the Life of Your Floors” held recently at the Alnarp SLU campus near Malmö in the Skåne region of Sweden. The current problems with maintenance of old and worn floors were discussed at length as well as how UVElite RES can resolve these issues at the lowest possible cost. The seminar gave us the opportunity to meet with cleaning and facility managers from different municipalities in south of Sweden.


Thomas Kofoed of Städ & Utbildningskonsult organized and facilitated the seminar by bringing together a variety of companies from the floor restoration industry. Our Swedish product distributor Duri was in attendance, as well as the Swedish manufacturer of cleaning and buffing machinery Orbot.  Ångtvättbilen provided context about working with UVElite RES and offering resilient floor restoration services.


We appreciated all insights we received from participants and hope we to continue to increase awareness about benefits of UVElite RES.


Up Next

The Elmia Clean Fair will be the next opportunity in Sweden to participate in a seminar where UVElite RES will be presented. This two day seminar will be held in Pieå, Sweden on 29 and 30 of October 2014. Visit their website or contact us for additional details.


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